Wednesday, 18 January 2012

               Too many drafts piling up . I have so much to write about and so much I've written but not posting . All that comes out is ummmmm :S
                         Also this is pending :(  Some Story - Part 3 ??  I'm not very well acquainted with foresight haven't thought of an ending yet or rather have thought of way too many *facepalms*
Nevertheless UMMMMMM . BYE


  1. Beware. You might lose the taste in story in search for a perfect ending :P

  2. thanks :P I put it up ! =)

    @apoyando - What does your name mean ? Welcome to my blog :D

  3. When I want to write about something but dont know what to write, I just open my notepad and start typing away. The Force will guide you my friend :D