Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Are you listening ?

I want to tell you
I want to tell you a few things .
I want to say I miss you
I want to say I have 28 followers on my blog now , you know it excites me
I want to tell you I made a new friend this year
I want to tell you I'm studying something new
I want to tell you about the book I just read and how the protagonist was so much like you.
I want to tell you I'm not well , ask me to get well soon?
I want to tell you I checked out the coffee shop where we were supposed to go but without you
I want to tell you I found the perfect turtledoves
I want to tell you about the song I play on repeat these days .
I want to tell you about the movie I think you would love.
I want to tell you I can't cry anymore , thankyou for that I guess.
I want to tell you I haven't heard your voice in two months and that is wierd.
I want to tell you I bought a new phone
I want to tell you I still wish the best of all worlds for you
I want to tell you about my happiness jar
I want to say I don't remember you much , but when I do every little thought leads to you.
I want to show you my new painting .
I want to complain to you about  how boring work is.
I want to ask you to meet me.

But I also have a few questions...

Why this time ?
Why now?
How's your little brother ?
How's your dad , did the surgery go fine?
Do you miss me?
Why were you not there when I was so ill and I couldn't move?
Why didn't you call.?
Are you going to come back ? Please don't .
What did you do for new years?
New year resolutions ? I'm sure you have some .
I don't think you're listening . I don't think I can reach you anymore. 

(This is fiction. No arguments. Or maybe not :P )


  1. One thing I've learnt is, nothing is fiction in this world. Specially when females write, and hide it under a certain cover called fiction.
    I love how you heading continues the drift. :D
    I hate the fact that people come back the moment you get over them. But maybe that happens for a reason.Reason being you should learn that even the most precious things can get lost, but if they are truly yours,they find a way back. We people are funny. We put everything under the huge umbrella of , "Everything happens for a reason", maybe it just doesn't.

  2. @ tangerine - i don't know why everyone assumes if i miss you it means i want you back ! I miss you . Nothing more , nothing less .

    Yeah nothing is fiction , even when one actually writes fiction its inspired from someone somewhere =) , so let's call this inspired :P

    @ nil - :)

  3. Boy I am so jobless I am tempted to answer each one of those questions with a smart one liner :D But I will just say this - I am listening and you can always reach me at my blog :P

    1. I love long comments but please don't :P
      Hahaha..I don't think I was talking about you , thanks for being so accessible :P