Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 11 *updated*

Today's Inspiration.

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You know when people talk about success and becoming the best at what you do, they conveniently skip the gaps. Those stepping stones that you have to climb before you reach the top. We see only the glitter and the success that they have achieved and assume that's how it should be from the beginning. We don't ask the CEO of a company of the days when he was just an intern, being pushed around, and asked to fetch tea for his seniors. We don't ask a businessman of the days when he lived in a creaky looking and rain wrecked hut. The best is yet to happen, and it happens only when you invest in today.

The top is a very lonely place, and everyone is trying to get there. Your position is wobbly, there is not much space to move around, you can barely stand. And so sometimes you have to come down a few notches, to the ones you left behind and the people who were cheering for you while you were climbing up. While you are getting there, there will be times when you want to quit. When the tunnel seems too dark and scary, cause we don't see the light at the end yet. Sometimes you feel you aren't doing what's best for you and sometimes its just not worth it. But the thing about hard work is, it never killed anyone. 

The struggling learning days of your life may seem too tough and impossible to go through. You might feel frustrated at every little thing. You might feel you are being exploited and over worked. But coal never turned to diamond without a lot of pressure and success never came by being lazy. The person who feels he knows everything, will never learn something new and the people who think they don't know anything will never bother to learn. 

I'm in a phase where everyday I question myself as to why I am doing what I'm doing, and what would I be doing instead. What will make me truly happy? Happiness comes when you experience the flow of life. And the flow of life occurs when you lose track of time because you love what you do. Monday mornings are not dreaded and Friday evenings just seem like any other weekday. One hears about theise awesome jobs that people do where they have the best of everything. Money, time and a social life. Currently I have none. But time will make it okay. One day I'll have all the time in the world and the money to make the time enjoyable because I put in these years of hard work and patience into it.

I want to be a wayfarer too. I want to go where the road leads without a worry in the world to some unknown place. Sometimes I feel I'm climbing the wrong steps altogether and maybe I was meant to climb some other mountain. But I feel responsible, I find my shoulders too heavy each time I want to chicken out and go soul searching. But I know one thing everything always falls into its place when the time is right, always :)

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  1. all the inspiration pictures are so tempting.. I wish I could let my creativity go wild and participate.. unfortunately, my schedule sucks and the forthcoming exam prevents me to spend too much time indulging in hobbies :-/ However, I couldn't hold back to comment on Adnan's post that you wrote in jan.. take care Nirali..:)

    P.s: the header.. have you changed it? I don't know if I missed noticing it before.. but... "Disappointing God , Parents and Men since ' 92" ??? ROFL.. Nice :D