Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 3 *updated*

Today's Inspiration

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Whoever wants to join can use this as a stimulus and write a post . By the end of the day I'll update this with my response along with links to those who joined today. Email me your links on blublubling@gmail.com
Waiting to read all you wonderful people's posts =)
Don't worry about the whole month , you'll can join today and choose not to tomorrow , its awesome that way. :D

When was the last time you did something just because you wanted to?. Because it made you happy . Because in this moment , right now it made perfect sense. Ever wanted to not think and just jump of that fence.
When was the last time you did something completely reckless.? 
Something so crazy that you felt you were in high school again. 
Without a worry in the world and without any care , remember when you had the time to just sit and stare.
When was the last time you fell in love without anticipating pain? 
The innocent kind of love , the overwhelming and sweet kind of love. 
When was the last time you switched a job you were really unhappy with? Took the leap and walked where the road would lead without the fear of failure.
When was the last time you studied to gain knowledge and not to pass an exam? The thirst for knowledge is dead. 
The curiosity to know is replaced by the necessity to achieve something. 
When was the last time you felt the love for learning.
When was the last time you pursued a hobby or spent some time alone? You know all the things you always wanted to do but never got the time . The wall you left after painting halfway , the movie you wanted to catch , the book you didn't read and change the curtains that didn't match.
When was the last time you did something for someone without being compelled to do so ? Ever bought a stranger a ticket on the bus , ever shared a smile ...ever walked a mile just to find that perfect tile.
When was the last time you sang like no one was listening? Remember how music filled your senses and it was not just some background noise . Remember the way you danced with so much poise. 
We are all looking for the answers , the purpose of our life , that one sign to tell us that yes this is what I was meant to do . This is what I have to do . You don't have to do anything . 
There is just one rule - There are no rules. 
Don't look for signs start living.
And still if it doesn't suffice and you need that push to make a happy change 

They say as you grow older , you lose your sense of wonder.
The world becomes a habit . 
How tragic that most people have to get ill before they understand what a gift it is to be alive.
Yet we prefer to immerse ourselves in the mundane.
We battle with deadlines, get stressed, complain about lack of time . 
What a waste of a life. "

Three awesome people joined today . Here are the links. 
Shiromi from The Glass Half Empty
Aakanksha from The Silence Of My Voice
*Dark Angel* from *Talk Sick - Dark Angel*


  1. ugh I need these goddamn exams to end so I can participate :(

    p.s- what lovely inspirations! :)

    1. Yes I was wondering why you weren't joining :D

      And thank you :D

  2. Wheree do you get all this super cool stuff from? I need to start collecting for MindBlowing May! :(