Monday, 30 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 30 *updated*

Today's Inspiration.

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I started working on making this list as soon as I turned 20 . Which gives me a big enough window to complete everything on the list . My wishes like my dreams are way bigger than I can even comprehend at the moment. But hey, dreaming is free and Miracles have a way of happening to those who believe in them ;)


( In no particular order )
1. Snowwww :D I want to experience snow and put my hand out to catch the snow flakes :)

2. Get Married . Meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with . 

3.  Buy a house in Bandra :) Sea facing , with big master bedrooms , walk in wardrobes , a bar , BIG bathrooms , cozy reading nook etc . And then I want to go next door and ask Shahrukh Khan
 "Cheeni Milegi? " :P

4. By 30 hopefully I would have found my calling and would be doing a Job I love . I don't want to wake up after hitting the snooze button hundred times. I want to look forward to Monday Mornings (:

5. Learn Poker and play it at the biggest casino in Las Vegas ;)

6. Learn Swimming. Again. I tried once , and it just got added to the many things I left half way but I'd love to learn it again, be a decent swimmer if not a great one.

7.  Which  kid  person doesn't want to go to  DisneyLand . Its the happiest place in the world. My first trip with my own money will be to DisneyLand. :D

8. Become a Chartered Accountant. Since I have already invested 3 years in the most boring career of the universe , I might as well complete it. I don't want to be a quitter.

9. I want to go for a BIG rock concert , with lacs of people. The energy and pulse of the crowd is awesome at these events. I wouldn't complain if its a COLDPLAY concert :D

10. I want to get myself a dog . My parents are totally against the idea and since I live in 'their' house I don't have much of a say. So when I get my own place , I will be getting a dog. :)

11. I want to climb a mountain . Any mountain. Its distance from mean sea level is irrelevant I just want to go up there and make the arms wide open pose and feel all accomplished :P 

12. Firstly I have sea sickness , but I still want to go on a luxury cruise , one must do everything once , and sometimes twice just to make sure ;) :P  So I want to go on a cruise before I'm 30.

13. I don't have a hand-leg-eye co-ordination whatsoever. I infact have the supreme talent of tripping over flat surfaces but I want to learn a dance form before I'm 30 . Not for anyone else or to put up a performance of any sort , but just something I want to do for myself.

14. I want 1000 followers on my blog. Yes I am very shallow and all those who say they don't care about how many followers they have are big liars cause otherwise they would be writing in a black locked diary.

15. I want to learn how to cook. Not the enter Masterchef Australia type of cooking just decent cooking. So that I can feed myself and others without killing anyone or destroying the kitchen. O:)

16. I want to be an editor for a magazine ,  any magazine. Or maybe even have a regular column in one , I don't know. Being a CA would give me the qualification to write in a finance tribunal too , I wouldn't mind that either.

17. PARIS :D Every cheesy girl's dream isn't it ? I'm not that cheesy but I like cheese :P , so why not. I want to go to Paris and see all the art, beauty, french cooking and fall in love . ( with Paris )

 18. I feel NEW YORK is the only place I am going to like as much as Mumbai. I want to live there for a long yet short period of time . Maybe I'll go there to write someday. Someday :)

19 . I want to send my parents on an all expense paid trip to the destination of their  choice. They took me on one too many holidays now its my turn :)

20. Write a book. Yes its a long shot but I'd like to write a book :)

21. Go on a No - Budget Shopping Spree , just because I can . Order the most expensive wine on the menu , buy that gorgeous dress without having to look at the price tag and buy all the things that may seem absolutely irrational and useless to sane people - you get the drift :D

22. Self explanatory. I want something meaningful , it doesn't even have to be visible to anyone. It will be my little thing that will never change :)

 23. One of the many things I never did. I have a super expensive guitar just lying around , since 3 years and its always nice to be able to play atleast one musical instrument :)

24. Run and complete a marathon. 

25. Kiss in the rain.

26. Have my dream body. Get Fit.

27.Get really high and sing at a Karaoke Bar with friends. Wanted to this since very long . No inhibitions and no stage fright :)

28. Filmy I know , but I'm totally kicked by the idea of impromptu holidays. So one day I'll do this and go on a crazy vacation with someone I love <3

29. Live in a college dorm while studying abroad :)

30. For all the evolving dreams , wishes and bucket lists. Cause I'm never going to stop making them :)