Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 17 *updated*

Today's Inspiration.

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Whoever wants to join can use this as a stimulus and write a post . By the end of the day I'll update this with my response along with links to those who joined today. Email me your links on blublubling@gmail.com
Waiting to read all you wonderful people's posts =)

Don't worry about the whole month , you'll can join today and choose not to tomorrow , its awesome that way. :D 

Ps : This inspiration was given by Aakriti from Yarn of Words =D

Remember the lights you light up with your smile 
Remember the time you didn't let me go for even a while 
Remember how we talked for hours 
And traced the passing cars.
Remember when time just flew.
Remember when I thought I knew the real you.
Remember the walks on the crowded street.
Remember when we just had to meet. 
Remember the I love yous , you said them too 
It does seem old 
No more fresh or new.

Remember the nights , the coffee spills
Too much sugar and the same old drill
Remember when you didn't lie 
Remember when I didn't cry
Remember the promises and 
The "I'm always there"
Remember when you had time to spare.
Remember when we never fought 
And so many moments in our minds we caught
But there is something I need to share
I met someone 
Not like you might care.
But he's everything you could never be.
He shines like a diamond
As calm as the sea
He thinks with his heart and loves with his mind.
He loves me for everything you thought I was not
Only smiles and laughter is what he brought
His voice is my lullaby and his eyes are my mirror
With him I feel like there is nothing to fear.
He took the hurt, the pain you gave
He took the troubles and worries away
I have you to thank and so I will 
Thank you for making the space he could fill
So as I sit at our favourite place to eat
Remember where we used to meet 
I think of the wish I made for us.
Well its gone forever 
& I wish you luck .

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