Thursday, 12 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 12 *updated*

Today's Inspiration.

To know about Awesome April click here , here and here
Whoever wants to join can use this as a stimulus and write a post . By the end of the day I'll update this with my response along with links to those who joined today. Email me your links on
Waiting to read all you wonderful people's posts =)
Don't worry about the whole month , you'll can join today and choose not to tomorrow , its awesome that way. :D 


Click and miss the moment
Watch and live 
Pictures are manipulated, not memories.

PS: My first ever haiku, I don't know if it even passes off as one, so I would understand if you thought it was terrible but well. 


  1. hmmmm..... lets hope something comes to my mind...but i cannot think of anything :(

  2. Beautiful pic. Sending u the mail! :)


  4. It was nice seeing you at the Indiblogger meet, & it's also nice that you chose the Fisheye 2 as your inspiration, I have this camera. :)