Thursday, 5 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 5 *updated*

Today's Inspiration

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      Ever met someone who looked like they just sprang out of a fairytale . That maybe Cindrella lost her shoe while running from this guy and he is the same person who woke up Snow White from her deep slumber. The guy who looks just like your idea of perfect. The guy with that supremely bright aura. The perfect height , just tall enough for him to be able to smell your hair and short enough for you to get on your toes and kiss him. Not too muscular yet not frail. Light brown eyes and honey brown skin. Stop drooling. If you agree say aye. No , don't . Anyway point being the minute that person opened their mouth all your sugar sweet dreams came crashing down didn't they?. Just when you were basking in the awesome scent that moved with him like a shadow he actually took the liberty to start talking and the next day you couldn't remember what was the most repulsive thing about him . Was it his bad grammar , his pathetic take on life or just the fact that he never read Harry Potter and is actually proud of it.
      Situation two , the last time you met someone who was your alter ego. Someone who saw the world through the same disco light glasses like you do.Someone who actually knows a little about Wren and Martin and maybe even knows who the President of India is. Not bad for the first meeting eh ? Wait wait not yet. He has a uncle like moustache, the last time he shaved his chest was to celebrate India's first Independence Day. He has a nose on a mole or mole on a nose or something like that, its difficult to tell. Glasses that make sure you can't make out the minor squint is his eyes and bad breathe that made people in the next room wrinkle their nose. Come on how do looks matter right. As long as you get along with the person and are like minded . Right ? No , who are you kidding , the poor chap is going to be friend zoned for life after being gifted tons of mint ofcourse. He's going to be the guy you go to when you break up with the dumb prince charming. The guy you call when your boyfriend is out of town and you miss the attention. The guy who is your "best friend" and the guy whose always going to be just that "a friend" 
        Yes , women are like that . I'm a total feminist and believe in all the hopeless romance once in a while . But women are mean manipulative witches and the list is exhaustive . We love to play tease , even if we have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever we will actually be nice to you and lead you on to believe we are actually fond of you. Come on don't judge already. Its just that we love attention and it doesn't really matter where its coming from. Our heart does belong to that one person alone , but the mind is allowed to wander right.?
         We pick carefully and wisely. "THE ONE" has to be a one of a kind awesomeness that was created just for us like a customised dress that fits just right. Precisely why many women are found living alone with cats in their old age. We don't give up. Aunt Martha at 60 has a high chance of finding Mr Right, atleast she thinks so and so does Tobby her cat. Next door Tim is hot but not boyfriend material, just the flirt around with kinds. Math class Bob, is cute but the minute you start talking about something deeper than the weather he looks at you like a lost puppy. Musician Sheldon is just too much of commitment phobic and Clive is shorter than you. End of story. The guys you actually get along with and can hold a conversation with for more than 5 minutes do not attract you physically and those who do need to go back to highschool. All this is so exhausting. But we the eternal optimists that we are want to find the perfect balance between the two but the fact is that the right hand top corner of that graph is indeed a 'Null Set'. 
    But in the course of an ordinary life love gives us a fairytale and then all reason , common sense , intelligence and graphical analysis jumps out of the window. Just when you were in the search of the Mr Perfect you meet your Mr Not bad at all and experience the hype that is love. You know that feeling when you find your balloon . And then relationship temptation , commitment phobia and self centred attitude suddenly takes a back seat . He loves you with all your obsessive compulsive disorders and hyperactive panic attacks . He loves you even when he knows you are immensely selfish. He loves you without make up and he loves you when you wear torn pajamas. He loves you when you fight and he loves you even when you nag. He loves you sometimes inspite of you and so he is the only exception =)

PS : The writer of this post has reserved the rights to exaggerate and should not be taken seriously or asked to testify in court.
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