Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 4 *updated*

  Today's Inspiration

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Julia was putting on her wedding dress , pristine white and princess like just the way she had imagined it would be. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought how lucky she was to have Henry. He loved her so much , the way he always gave in to her demands. The way he always asked if she had eaten even though she made fun of him for getting into such minute details of the day. " Its the little things hun " he always said. She blushed at how they had a code for saying " I love you " in public without letting anyone else know and of all the times he had turned her day around with his strange sense of humour that made her forget everything that had gone wrong. She checked her hair , he liked it open and so she kept it that way . She was smiling wide today , as she admired herself in the mirror. Quite a narcissist she was 

You are so lucky to have me  ( text sent to Henry )

Henry was telling Andrew , his best man how much he loved Julia. Andrew gave him the knowing smile . Henry just went on to with a goofy teenager like smile on his face. 
" You know why I love her.? Ask me why. " Henry nudged Andrew
" If I say I know will you not tell me" said Andrew smiling.
    Henry just ignored that and went on 
" You know when I was in school they made us do this exercise. 'Fill in the blanks with the given options' . I always filled up the answers quickly without ever bothering to look at the options. I was smart that way. Then the questions started getting tough. One day I got stuck, I couldn't get what would fill up that blank. My teacher saw my lost face and asked me to skip what I didn't know and come back to it . I could use what was left from the options and fill it with it . I thought hmmm I should try that  and so I did and that day I did it . I filled up all the blanks with a little help from the answers given below."
 " Errr, fill in the blanks . You know we are late we should get ready " said a very puzzled Andrew with his eyes rolling.
" You are just like her , you never listen to the whole thing. Thats how she makes me feel and that is why I love her. Like I can go to her when I get stuck and she fills the blanks in my life , whenever I'm in trouble or when I don't know how to decide she's there . She's like home. Not the building , the state of mind ."
" Have you told her this ? Please do . Someone's gonna get some tonight " joked Andrew although Henry's words had touched him.
" Oh someone has been getting some for the last 50 years . Its a cakewalk " said Henry with a naughty wink.
" Happy 50th Anniversary Dad. Let's rush before Mom comes looking for us. You are not supposed to see the bride before the wedding" said Andrew with a grin.

I know ( Text sent to Julia )

PS: Henry and Julia get married every year on their anniversary. =)

Ruhani joined me today with some brilliant writing - 'I'll be there for you'
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  1. I love these awesome series of yours...good stuff:)

  2. I have been reading the posts/ poems....really awesome. Nice idea.
    Kaash....I am creative enough to participate.

    1. Ofcourse you are :D Please join whenever you want =)

  3. I've sent you the link. Please check!

  4. Okay, I really hope you were kidding when you told me you couldn't have interpreted it better, cause lady, this is pretty damn great! It made me smile so freaking much. SO cute! :)