Monday, 2 April 2012

Awesome April - Day 2 *updated*

Today's Inspiration 

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Everytime he passed through the corridors, girls caught their breathe . He was the life of the school . The boy with the perfect smile and light brown eyes. Rohan was the school captain , star of the football team and the ideal son for his relatives. Envied by more than just a few for obvious reasons . He could make a girl blush just by entering a room. Everyone conveniently assumed he was arrogant , snobbish and spoilt. But inside that perfect person , and cool exterior was a normal boy who had his own set of insecurities. A broken family , several fears and innumerable bad days. He kept a smile on his face , and used humour to amuse himself and others. 
Not many knew him for the person he was. No one had bothered to look inside him.
    But he did this special thing every morning . One thing no one knew about .He left a note that reads "You are beautiful" for a girl every morning. A girl who has never felt beautiful. Every morning he drops the note in the locker of a different girl and stands in a distance later to see her face light up. Everyday he makes someone new smile, and feel good about themselves. A practice he couldn't remember exactly how he started. 
Just making someone's day made him feel good about himself.
   One of these days after performing his little morning ritual Rohan walked to his locker. As he opened it a pink envelope felt on to the floor. Rohan  just assumed it was one of the guys pulling a prank on him . With a slight tremble expecting the worst he opened it to see a note that said " You are beautiful too. And I mean in a way the eyes can't see." . For the first time he smiled the same smile he had seen on other people's faces before. 

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